The Team

Board of Directors

Madison Aldrich

Chair of Advancement

Hi! My name is Madison (Maddie) Aldrich. Aside from being a member of Shelly’s Voice, I play travel softball and lacrosse, along with managing wrestling. I am a staff writer for the school newspaper, and I am the junior class co-president of service. I am a co-president of South Deanery Dance Marathon, intern/tutor at Hope for Tomorrow, and I am involved in Linus Club. I also love to spend time with my friends and family, and watch crime shows on Netflix. I am currently a junior, and I am a 4th generation “Rebel.” This school has been one of my favorite places all of my life. By advocating for Shelly and using my voice, I am creating a safe place for all students, teachers, faculty, etc. Through this opportunity, I have made so many new friends whom I probably wouldn’t have crossed path with in my own “bubble.” This is my way of making a lasting impact on the school I have grown up adoring, building a support system for those who feel alienated.

Raquel Ramsey

Chair of Public Relations

Hi! My name is Raquel Ramsey. I am apart of the Roncalli bowling team. Most of my free time is spent hanging out with my friends and family. I love making people laugh and just having a good time. I also enjoy doing makeup! I am involved with the St. Barnabas Youth Group and have gone on 2 mission trips with them. Ms. Fitzgerald was my guidance counselor and helped my family and I during a tragic time. Her office has always been a safe place for me. Ms. Fitzgerald loves everyone, and we are just carrying out her message of love and grace through our fight.

Dominic Conover

Chair of Event Coordination

Hi! My name is Dominic Conover and I’m a current senior at Roncalli. Throughout my years at Roncalli, I have enjoyed my position as Co-President of Spirit in Student Council. I love listening to music (Adele and Lady Gaga are my favorite artists, duh!), traveling, and experiencing different cultures. While some of my happiest memories are in the halls of Roncalli, identifying with the LGBT+ community in a Catholic school has been one of the toughest journeys of my life. I stand up for Shelly and the whole LGBT+ community because I do not want one more person to feel the shame I felt. I will continue to fight until one thing is very clear: love is truly love.

Elijah Mahan

Chair of GSA Coordination

Hi! My name is Elijah Mahan, senior at Roncalli! I transferred to Roncalli after freshman year, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I have been able to be involved in so many things and be who I really am. I play football and I wrestle. I also perform in show choir and musicals. In my free time, I love to play piano, work on my family’s farm, make my friends laugh, dance in public, and sing Broadway songs! (Hamilton is my favorite!) I also advocate for racial equality. I am advocating for Shelly as well because I believe all people, no matter who they are, deserve to live a life they love.

Anna Clodfelter

Chair of Marketing

Hi! I’m Anna Clodfelter. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and playing basketball! I’m also very involved in youth group. I especially love spending time with my family, especially my dog. Throughout these past few weeks, I have found some of my best friends in this group. Being a part of Shelly’s Voice has showed me how supportive and loving people can be. Supporting Shelly has become such a large part of my life, and seeing how it has affected her and those around her has shown me how much acceptance is needed in our community. We must love all, no matter who it is or how they live their life. Spread love and kindness, never hatred!

 Committee Members and Advisers

Advancement Committeee

AJ Strange             Isabelle Challis

Justin Carpenter      Cindy Battiato

Public Relations Committee

Anna Droste-Glowinski         Alyson Gurganus

Event Coordination Committee

Erin Rooney               Beth McHugh

Beth Guerretaz           Melissa Strange

Tim Griffin         Jennie Greer         Jeannine Lake

GSA Coordination Committee

Mia Niezgodski         Shelley Woodward

Matt Walsh         Beth Droste-Glowinski

Stephanie Gumerson           Mary Pat Sapp

Jorie Depalma      Jill Baker     Bridget McIntyre 


Marketing Committee

Alyson McElwain        Emilee Woodward

Paige Ziegler         Sarah Wiley