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GLAAD responds to Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ new, extreme, and harmful attempts to target and exclude transgender students

GLAAD denounces the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ new policy which targets transgender young people for rejection and exclusion in all areas of school life. The archdiocese’s “Policy and Complementary Norms on Sexual Identity in School Ministries of the Roman Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis” is signed by Archbishop Charles C. Thompson and Chancellor Annette “Mickey” Lentz, effective June …
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Conover, Shelly’s Voice Founder Expresses Support for Anti-Discriminatory Voucher Bill in Indiana

Efforts to keep state funding out of schools that discriminate against staff and students are back at the Statehouse. Indiana’s first openly gay state senator, J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis), filed the bill for the second year in a row, this time with support from the state’s schools chief. Ford and a representative in the House filed similar bills …
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Shelly’s Voice Shows Support for LGBTQ Students in Discriminatory Catholic School

A prominent group advocating for LGBTQ acceptance in the Catholic church held an early morning rally at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis Friday. Cathedral was the second Indianapolis Catholic high school to fire a teacher for marrying someone of the same gender. Cars pulled in for the second day of school. A majority honked or cheered. Shelly’s …