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Shelly’s Voice responds to Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ new sexual identity policy

Indianapolis, IN – Tuesday, June 24, 2020 –  Shelly’s Voice, the nationally-supported advocacy group formed to defend and protect LGBTQ teachers and school staff from discrimination and unjust dismissal, responds today to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’ intentions to expel transgender students from their various schools across the city. Shelly’s Voice statement reads: Shelly’s Voice Advocacy …

Press Releases

Supreme Court rules 1964 law protects LGBTQ+ workers; Shelly Fitzgerald, Shelly’s Voice Advocacy says ‘fight is far from over.’

Indianapolis, IN – June 15th, 2020 – The Supreme Court made a 6-3 decision Monday morning protecting LGBTQ+ workers through the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The court ruled that the Act’s language (prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex) includes sexual orientation and gender identity. This is a historic step for LGBTQ+ Americans, but …

Press Releases

Statement: Shelly’s Voice Plans to Fund Legal Fees for Wrongfully Fired LGBTQ+ Teachers

Shelly’s Voice Advocacy Group, an organization committed to creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive Indianapolis community through outreach, action, and education, has recently launched a fund-raising campaign to assist with the legal fees of four local educators who have been fired in the last year for being LGBTQ+ or an ally. Ariadne Getty, heir to the Getty …