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Shelly's Voice Advocacy was founded in August of 2018 when Shelly Fitzgerald was fired from Roncalli High School for being married to a woman. Six students decided to speak up for what they believed was right. They were not going to sit back and let discrimination happen in their school community. They got together and organized that they would pass out thousands of rainbow heart stickers to the Roncalli student body. Additionally, they decided that the first football game of the year would be "Rainbow Theme". The starting Running Back, Elijah Mahan ran out onto the field with a rainbow flag to show that he supported Ms. Fitzgerald. This photo went viral and even landed them an interview on Ellen. To watch the interview click here


Latest Projects

On July 11th, 2020, Shelly’s Voice teamed up with GLAAD, DignityUSA, PFLAG, Indiana Youth Group, Black Women in Charge, The Ariadne Getty Foundation and various other

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After Krystal Brazel was told she couldn’t come back as an athletic trainer for Lutheran High School because of her upcoming marriage to her fiance, she connected with us

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Shelly’s Voice activists demonstrated at the Indiana State House alongside thousands of Hoosiers demanding racial justice and an end to police brutality. The June 6th

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After 4 Indianapolis LGBTQ-related firings within the 2018-2019 school year, Shelly’s Voice held the inaugural Rally for Equality to push for LGBTQ reform in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’

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Shelly Fitzgerald and Dominic Conover, both Shelly’s Voice Indianapolis Chapter members, represented Shelly’s Voice and The Ariadne Getty Foundation at GLAAD’s 2020

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Shelly’s Voice activists and supporters gathered outside of Cathedral andRoncalli High School to show supportfor LGBTQ students during their first week of the 2019-2020 school

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Since our founding in August of 2018, Indiana Youth Group has supported our advocacy in critical ways. In addition to allowing our activists access to IYG's meeting and outdoor space, Indiana Youth Group has generously served as our fiscal sponsor, giving Shelly's Voice the ability to
accept donations and manage the funds through a
501(c)(3) organization.

For more information about Indiana Youth Group,
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Indiana Youth Group creates safer spaces to foster community andprovides programming that empowers LGBTQ+ youth and magnifiestheir voices.

3733 N. Meridian St.
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