Indianapolis, IN – December 19, 2020 – In August of 2018, Shelly’s Voice was founded to support an LGBTQ counselor who had been suspended from her job because someone had maliciously turned in her marriage certificate. Students quickly mobilized and unified their voices in hopes to encourage the school and the Archdiocese to reconsider and give Shelly Fitzgerald her job back.  Not only did Shelly ultimately lose her job, so did another counselor who is gay. Eventually, the school’s social worker was released from her position for being and advocate for LGBTQ students and staff. Students and staff were told if they stood up and spoke out, they could be expelled or possibly lose their jobs.  

Since our founding, Shelly’s Voice has grown into a national organization with a unique vision and mission. Shelly’s Voice is here to protect, lift up, and empower those who experience discrimination and bigotry.  We educate people on how to use their voices to live their authentic lives, and to #bePROUD of who they are.

People who have experienced discrimination, have been silenced, or have been traumatized because they are LGBTQ deserve to tell their stories, to be heard, and to be supported.  This is what Shelly’s Voice vows to do. Shelly’s Voice continues to support those who do not know what to do next and help them tell their stories. Shelly’s Voice stands in advocacy with anyone who has experienced discrimination for being LGBTQ.

We are touched by those who are brave enough to tell their stories and experiences.  We believe those stories will help many others to do the same and to stop feeling shame that others have inflicted on them.  

We stand with Dominic Conover and all of those brave individuals who have been so hurt by others.  We vow to stand with him in his pain and to empower him to be an example for so many others who have been silenced and treated unfairly.

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